Quartzsite, Arizona:  Making a Difference - Raising Hope and Hearts

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA - January 22, 2012
      World Genesis Foundation Headquarters

"Leave No Child Without Hope
for the Future"

Welcome sign to Quartzsite, Arizona

Eileen of the Quartzsite Learning Center and Heather Caton, World Genesis foundation President and CEO

A "Bracelet of Hope"
The World Genesis Foundation announces the continuing sales and success of “Bracelets of Hope.”

“Bracelets of Hope” are among the gems, jewels, and stones currently being offered to the millions of visitors and snowbirds who enjoy this Sonoran desert town of Quartzsite, Arizona each winter season. Heather Caton, President of the World Genesis Foundation, designs and sells the bracelets to raise money for World Genesis Foundation. “We have had such wonderful support for the Bracelets of Hope,” says Heather. “It is the small things that add up to big change in the world and we can all be a part of that change.”

One hundred percent of the proceeds from “Bracelets of Hope” go directly to the World Genesis Foundation to help fund the annual “Atlantykron” summer program. Atlantykron will host over 300 youth. Professors and experts in a variety of fields such as science, physics, art, astronomy, and culture volunteer their time and expertise to join the organizers from the World Genesis Foundation to inspire and engage the students during the summer program in this unique educational experience.

Quartzsite, in far western Arizona, has been a rock hound's paradise since the 1960’s. Located 20 miles east of the Colorado River on Interstate 10, Quartzsite is a mecca to well over a million visitors each year, according to “Bracelets of Hope” can be purchased at:

- AWC Quartzsite Learning Center,

- Moon Mountain Quail Café,

- HBC Bank,

- Palo Verde Café and

- Tews & Date Palm RV Park.

If the sand and desert heat isn’t for you, “Bracelets of Hope” can be ordered online at Design your own bracelet, choosing from a wide variety of beautiful gemstones, whether you want to complement your wardrobe or match your favorite earrings. Buy one for yourself today, and don’t forget to design and buy a unique bracelet for a loved one. We thank you in advance for your generous support!

The World Genesis Foundation was founded on November 30, 1999 and is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to a vision and mission to "leave no child without hope for the future." Headquartered in Santa Fe, NM USA, the foundation supports activities worldwide to create educational, scientific and cultural opportunities for youth with a special focus in areas of the world where these opportunities are limited or do not exist.


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Public Relations,, The World Genesis Foundation, 1523 N Overlook DR, Dewey, AZ 86327, UNITED STATES of AMERICA


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