World Genesis Foundation Announces the Year of Light: The 2015 Worldwide UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition

Goodyear, Arizona, USA - November 17, 2014
      World Genesis Foundation Headquarters

2015 International Year of Light
2015 International Year of Light
World Genesis Foundation and USFUCA
U.S. Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers & Associations

World Genesis Foundation International Year of Light
2015 UNESCO Club Youth Worldwide Youth Multimedia Competition.

World Genesis Foundation International Year of Light
2015 International Year of Light

World Genesis Foundation
World Genesis Foundation ...
"Leave no child without hope for the future"

The World Genesis Foundation announced its partnership with the U.S. Federation of Clubs, Center and Associations (USFUCA) hosting on their website, the 2015 Worldwide UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition and inviting young people from around the world to take part in this event.

This year’s competition, since UN has proclaimed 2015 to be International year of light and light based technologies, will be focused on light and light sciences.

The question for this competition is: What kind of light-based innovation would you propose to promote sustainable development and meet the needs of a global challenge such as energy, education, agriculture, or health?

Youth are encouraged to submit creative answer to this question in a 3-minute video, multimedia presentation, written essay, art work or using any method that channels your specific passion and helps to better expresses your particular view.

The deadline for submissions is 25 January 2015. The submissions for this competition will be split into three age groups: Juniors, age’s 10-14, youth ages 15-19 and youth ages 20-24, and will be judged by international panel of judges who will present the winners in February 2015. There will be 3 finalist for each age group and 7 semifinalists, the First Place winners in each age group will receive a 100% Scholarship to attend the 2015 International Model UN (IMUN) Summer Camp in the USA. For more info you can visit or

Light is the essence of life. You are welcome to draw inspiration from your immediate environment, your intimate thoughts, something you have read or imagined to be possible, anything at all as long as the content of the submission is original.

What is the role of light by itself in sustaining life? What does this mean in relation to the human experience? How can this role inspire human ingenuity to enhance the immeasurable power of light under the creative hand of mankind’s science? Can this be made, can light be bend and put to our use, while symbiotically coexisting with nature? Can human curiosity bring light to the hearts of humanity?

The whole world awaits your answer.

Written By: Aleksandar Miceski, Macedonia

The World Genesis Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that was founded on November 30, 1999 and is dedicated to a vision and mission to "leave no child without hope for the future." Headquartered in Goodyear, Arizona in USA, the foundation supports activities worldwide to create educational, scientific and cultural opportunities for youth with a special focus in areas of the world where these opportunities are limited or do not exist.


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