2015 Worldwide UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition Winners Announced

Goodyear, Arizona, USA - March 30, 2015
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Winners are announced for the 2015 Worldwide UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition. World Genesis Foundation joined USFUCA as a partner in the 2015 Worldwide UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition. “We had an amazing worldwide team of judges,” said Heather, competition organizer, “with their support and the organizing team, we had great success.”

There were hundreds of applications from over 71 countries. The goals of the competition are to 1. Encourage young minds to think about important issues facing our world today. 2. Inspire youth to answer the question using their talents, creative thinking and problem solving skills. 3. Bridge generations in the ideas, development and implementation of positive change. 4. To facilitate collaboration and team work with project development and implementation. 5. To strengthen the mission and goals of UNESCO including peace and international goodwill.

On 20 December 2013, the UN General Assembly 68th Session proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015). Light plays a central role in human activities. USFUCA, has invited youth from around the globe to participate to answer a question using any kind of multimedia which could include a video, essay, presentation, art work, poetry, music or another type of way to creatively answer the question. What kind of light-based innovation would you propose to promote sustainable development and meet the needs of a global challenge such as energy, education, agriculture, or health?

Junior 10-14
1st Place: Shekhar: Bhattarai: Soccer Ball and the Sun: Nepal

2nd Place: Rinku Duhan: The Backbone of Modern Era: India

3d Place: Altana Namsarayeva: Wonderland of Light: Russia

Youth 15-19
1st Place: Volodia Radevych: The Light of the Heart: Ukraine

2nd Place: Yosea Pratama: Optimizing Geothermal energy: Indonesia

3d Place: Gail Beryl Owuor: The Solar Powered Electronic Book: Kenya

Youth 20-24
1st Place: Chaitanya Jain: Underwater Turbine: India

2nd Place: Agam Budi Satria: Lighting up the World: Indonesia

3d Place: Cendra Harri Pahlawan: GMO, Light and Energy: Indonesia

Honorable Mentions:

Juniors 10-14

Tcydypova Chimita: Russia: The summer linguistic camp Welcome to wonderlan

Youth 15-19
1. Basu Singh: India: Companionship with Lights
2. Hela Sanaa: Tunisia: Telescopes for Africa
3. Muhammad Ismail Bhatti: Pakistan: Right Lights In the Classrooms
4. Tanjim-Ul Islam: Bangladesh: Light: Key Element of an Enlightened Future
5. Jonathan Gilat: Israel: Increasing LED efficiency
6. May Christin Haloho: Indonesia: Degree of Darkness
7. Bishal Neupane: Nepal: Biomass

Youth 20-24

1. Ulya Zulfa: Indonesia: Irony of Sun Light Energy
2. Nur'aini Yuwanita Wakan: Indonesia: The Light of The Heart Manyaifun, Papua
3. Ali Mannan Tirmizi: Pakistan: Solar Powered Caps
4. Charlie Lucilla Ranido: Philippines: "Lighten Up!"
5. Mateusz Wojcieszak: Poland: The light is an art
6. Anjuman Tanha: Bangladesh: Step and Shower Light
7. Tsvetelina Kalcheva: Bulgaria: "Here comes

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2015 USFUCA Worldwide Youth Contest - "The Year of Light"
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