NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Systems Engineer, Ravi Prakash and System Engineer, Erisa Stilley, speak at UNESCO Youth Academy about the Mars 202 Vision and Beyond

Quartzsite, Arizona, USA - September 17, 2017
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Mars 2020 - Atlantykron
Mars 2020 - Atlantykron

Mars 2020 - Atlantykron
Mars 2020 - Atlantykron - NASA

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August 2012, the year marking the pivotal date of the Mars Curiosity’s official landing. Since Curiosity’s successful landing, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is preparing another rover to launch in 2020.
This year, the World Genesis Foundation’s time-honored Atlantykron Summer Academy of Learning was pleased to invite Systems Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Ravi Prakash and Erisa K. Stilley, as virtual guests to discuss the Mars 2020 mission and beyond with over 400 participants at Atlantykron Summer Academy of Learning in Capidova, Romania.

This year, Ravi Prakash and Erisa Stilley spoke about the past, present, and future missions of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and their significance for humankind. Ravi Prakash was a member of the team that landed the Curiosity rover on Mars in August 2012. Since then, Ravi took a 3 year break from the Jet Propulsion Lab to design products to improve lives for people living in poverty. Ravi has since returned to the Jet Propulsion Lab and is working on the next Mars Lander called InSight. “I always love talking with the next generation of explorers at Atlantykron. The students are always very engaged, ask great questions, and even give us ideas we’ve never thought of before,” said Ravi Prakash.

Students, organizers, and attendees had the opportunity to experience a live historical blueprint of a potential astronomical future. Both guests spoke of the ambitious possibilities of exploring life in planets and satellites beyond our immediate moon and Mars. “It’s always a joy to share with students and other professionals the work that we do at JPL and at NASA, and hear what questions and ideas they have about the future of space exploration. We’re all explorers at heart, said Erisa Stilley.

Atlantykron Summer Academy for Learning has over 350 youth from around the world, as well as VIP guests, teachers and experts in their field attend this 10 day event. Participants are given the opportunity to study and learn side-by-side with world experts. Areas of study touch and explore subjects and disciplines that shape our world today and tomorrow.

Established on November 30, 1999, the World Genesis Foundation is a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization committed to “leaving no child without hope for the future.” Headquartered in Santa Fe, NM USA, the foundation operates globally to empower youth with educational, scientific, and cultural possibilities where such opportunities are limited or non-existent.


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