Heather Caton
President and CEO
World Genesis Foundation

Heather Caton

Heather Caton, President and CEO of the World Genesis Foundation
Heather Caton
      Heather Caton has a degree in Art Education with a focus in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work with a specialization in Creative Arts Therapy. She has an extensive background working in education settings around the globe, working with extraordinary minds in a united goal of supporting education, creating opportunity and hope. Heather has been active in the field of Brain Injury. She serves as an advocate, speaker and instructor with published works, sharing the power of art, as vehicle for healing and discovery.

More recently, the Council of Social Work Education at their International Conference in Philadelphia has recognized Heather for her work in Art Therapy. She has received multiple awards, recognition and memberships for outstanding achievements in academics, Social Work, Creative Arts Therapy and community service. Heather continues to be an active volunteer coordinator and manager for educational programs, both locally and internationally.

In 2006 she became a manager and instructor in Eastern Europe, focusing on education programs for youth, working in cooperation with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization and the World Genesis Foundation. In 2007 she was elected as a Senior Director and Advisor for the World Genesis Foundation, joining their mission to “Leave no child without hope for the future.” Based upon her innovative programs, passion, and multiple achievements, in 2010 she was elected as the worldwide Director of Education for all World Genesis Foundation activities and in 2011 was elected President and CEO of World Genesis Foundation and is leading the organization into its next generation of growth and expansion.

Heather is also a recognized in the world of crystals, gemstones, minerals, and holistic healing, learning, practicing and connecting with experts in the field around the world. She is the President and founder of Wisdom Art LLC. This unique company brings together the Sciences, Arts and Spirituality creating unique and personal art that is inspired by the universe. It began with a seed and the heart-felt knowing that it is within the Sciences and the Arts, the bridging of disciplines and the connecting of minds, that great things can happen. It operates with a primary focus to raise awareness and support for educational projects that create new opportunities and hope for youth.

“ I feel dedicated and passionate about the projects today as well as the ones in the future; the possibilities they hold for young minds is without boundaries and that, is truly exciting.”
Heather Caton at Atlantykon UNESCO Academy in 2011
Nazareth College 
Wisdom Art LLC founded by Heather Caton
Wisdom Art LLC
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