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Providing needed artistic tools and education to youth. 

This art education program, to be held in Romania, will supply artistic materials and teach youth many artistic techniques spanning from basic art fundamentals to advanced applications. It will be coordinated by an international team of art instructors and involve high schools and university students from the region and around the world.

Youth will be provided the opportunity to learn techniques and use artistic tools expanding their ideas, imagination, perception, understanding and creative expression in the field of art. We would welcome any opportunity to further discuss this project with interested individuals or organizations. Additional details for this project follow below.
Project Overview


INTERNATIONAL ART EDUCATION providing needed artistic tools, materials and education to youth.
This art education program, to be held in Romania, will teach youth artistic techniques spanning from basic art fundamentals such as perception, color. design and technique, to advanced applications including the design and construction of interactive art exhibits. It will be coordinated by an international team of art instructors and will involve high schools as well as university students from the region and around the world. Youth will not only have the opportunity to expanding their ideas, imagination, perception and creative expression but also develop and strengthen life long skills.


Capidava, Romania


Project Start: 29 July 2011.  Project Completion: 7 August 2011

Profile of Participants:

Students (age 15 - 24), teachers and distinguished guests from around the world. Estimated benefit to 500 to 1400 students.

Project Coordinators

Heather Caton   Valentin Ionescu  
President & CEO
Wisdom Art LLC
  Graphic Artist  

United States
of America




Coordinators will include experts in the field of art, design and art education from the United States, Romania and other countries.

Other Management Support:

The program launch will occur at the UNESCO Summer Academy of Learning in Capidava, Romania. Following the program launch, the resources and benefits will be extended into schools and universities throughout the region under the supervision of university professors and the World Genesis Foundation management team.


Project Goals and Objectives


To provide tools, concepts and techniques necessary for understanding, demonstrating and appreciating Art in its expression, in addition to its ability to build and strengthen life long skills.  

1. To understand, build and strengthen skills in critical thinking, problem solving and perception through facilitated discussion, demonstration in artistic exercises.
2. Actively exploring different approaches to learning, fostering the development of self-directed learners through multidiscipline interactive projects.
3. Through demonstrations and exercises, students will learn and practice multiple artistic techniques using different tools and materials for the development of artistic skills, expression, imagination and creativity as well as art appreciation.
4. Through group discussion, displays and interactive art exercises, students will build an understanding of the Arts, its place, influence and its significance across disciplines, regions, and cultures.



Art educational materials, supplies and tools, will be used in future art programs, both in schools and education groups, creating long-lasting educational opportunity for youth around the region.

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Project Budget Overview

Total Project Cost:  $ 8300 USD

$ 1400 USD    Interactive Art Exhibit - Music Theatre
$ 1400 USD    Interactive Art Exhibit - Art and Mind Center
$ 1400 USD    Interactive Art Exhibit - Future Center
$ 1200 USD    Educational Displays and Teaching Materials
$   900 USD    Wind Sculptures and Solar Lights
$ 2000 USD    Travel and Lodging for International Instructors

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